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  • #1 written by Tony the Geek (ttcg52)
    about 3 weeks ago

    I am using Windows 7 with Classic Theme because I like it. Is there any hope for me to use it without necessarily enabling the Windows Aero theme?

  • #2 written by John
    about 6 months ago


    I’d like to thank you for this software. My productivity depends on it! I need inverted colors to read my monitors without great effort. Your software makes my job so much easier, and I experience so much less eye strain. Thank you! I am so very grateful for this tool.

    Best regards,

  • #3 written by I3ig Al
    about 6 months ago

    Hey there, I am also a person wondering about the ability to selectively invert my main monitor and leave my secondary unchanged. I realize at this point you are likely not actively developing this program and I just wanted to express my appreciation for making this freely available.

    I work/play late at night and my computer is in the bedroom so the light of multiple white background windows often would disturb my wife sleeping, and so far NegativeScreen has made this much better, I just wish my movies and twitch streams were not inverted as well

  • #4 written by Leandro
    about 7 months ago

    Source code is not available:

    Is it possible to compile it without .net assembles, please?
    I don’t use anything .net

    • #5 written by Yaurthek
      about 7 months ago

      Oh sorry, bitbucket is removing all the custom domain name redirections, that’s why the link doesn’t work anymore. Try here:
      But no, you won’t be able to use/compile it without .net since it’s written in C# (unless you meant mono? In that case, I’m not entirely sure. It might compile, but you won’t be able to use it on anything else than Windows since it’s based on the Windows magnifier API…)

  • #6 written by Tim
    about 1 year ago


    Just tried NegativeScreen and it’s very interesting. I only have one question; is there any way to choose which display it should affect? (I often run a movie on my secondary screen while programming on the primary screen). And if not; will this ever be a feature?


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